Product Design

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We are constantly thinking of weird and wonderful products and if we can't find it, we build it! We are currently working on a bunch of products of our own and promise to add them on the site as soon as they become available.

We love our toys, so if we have an idea for any product that has anything to do with any sort of engine, if it might be dangerous, or if it has a significant amout af cool, we're interested.

That's where we get our inspiration from, but we're getting carried away here, check out some examples!


CAD/CAM Services

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All the Wicked Engineers are qualified and specialists in various fields in the Engineering Industry. Apart from working on our own products, we also provide consulting and training services. We are experts with SolidWorks, Mastercam, 3DVIA Composer, Autodesk Inventor, InventorCAM etc. So if you have any engineering, design or manufacturing needs, we can help.

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Our future products will give conventional thinking a roundhouse kick to the face! So visit us again to avoid any injuries.

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